Back Pain Physiotherapy

The human back is a support system of the body made of multiple bones, ligaments, tendons, muscles. It is a complex structure which gives us the ability to make movements and do things in our daily life. Back pain physiotherapy is one of the treatments to treat back pain to allow proper functioning of the back. It involves the complete management programme taught to the patients to prevent the injury or causes that can lead to back pain.

Everyone has suffered from back pain in their lives, no doubt. Imagine pain in back for a few hours! The entire series of activities go for a toss – one cannot simply stand or sit for a long time, leave alone indulge in some physical activity. The degree to which the back pain can affect the functioning of the body is quite high as everything comes to a halt mainly affecting our mobility and movements like bending, twisting, etc. The back pain that lasts more than a few days calls for active treatment.

Back pain physiotherapy recommended by Dr. Arun Bhanot

The pain gets better with back pain physiotherapy, also called physical therapy. This kind of a therapy is a non-surgical treatment given to the patients. Generally, back pain is treated initially with this therapy along with home remedies, painkillers and medications. Surgeries are done very rarely in severe cases in which the patients do not show any improvement with home remedies and drugs. Talking of physiotherapy, there are various forms of this treatment. In this treatment, active physical therapy and passive physical therapy are done. In the former, there are certain exercises and stretching which needs to be done to get relief. In the latter form of therapy, certain treatment modalities are done to the patient such as ice packs, heat application and electrical stimulation, needling, gentle manipulation, assisted stretching, gait training, ergonomic advice, posture correction. Heat is used before exercising and stretching whereas ice packs are used post exercise.

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