Best Neuro Spine Surgeon

Spine is the column of various bones which plays an important part in our body. From standing to sitting to bending and making all kinds of movements, it performs a host of functions along with shielding the spinal cord from injury. In virtue of the role it plays for the body and the daily activities, it must be taken good care of. Much as people take care, they end up developing problems due to various factors that necessitate treatment. The best neuro spine surgeon treats all the issues and disorders related to the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nervous system.

The central nervous system is formed by the the fusion of the brain and spinal cord. Therefore, neurological function is affected by the spinal malfunction. The patients’ lives become topsy-turvy as the daily activities and the functioning get disrupted since the spinal cord lets the brain communicate with the different parts of the body.

Best Neuro Spine Surgeon

The neuro-spinal conditions and issues are treated by the best neuro spine surgeon which result in the proper functioning and flexibility of the spine. There are several home remedies, physical therapies, medications, lifestyle changes, and many non-surgical treatments that help the patients suffering the pain and discomfort get rid of the conditions. Physical therapy, one of the most important treatments, builds the strength and endurance along with providing relief from pain. Both active therapy and passive therapy are recommended to the patients. However, there are cases that need immediate surgical intervention which do not show any improvement with the non-surgical treatments. A majority of cases recover and heal after modifying their style of life and adopting correct postures and exercises in their lives.

In order to repair spinal structures and correct the wrong positioning, spinal surgeries are done by the surgeon such as disc replacement, discectomy, laminectomy, spinal fusion, foraminotomy, keyhole endoscopic spine surgery, etc.

Dr. Arun Bhanot is the leading and eminent spine expert having experience of more than 15 years which speaks volumes about him. Having performed various treatments and surgeries successfully over the years, he has achieved fame and recognition. He provides treatment to the patients at AUM Clinics, Dwarka, and Columbia Asia Hospital, Gurugram.

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