Best Slip Disc Treatment in Gurgaon

The extra-long office work, unhealthy diets & lifestyles are giving birth to multiple diseases, slip disc issue is one among them. Today, every second person is suffering from slip disc problem and wants spontaneous relief. This problem is associated between the individual bones where the rubbery cushions (disks) lie. The issue arises when the softer jelly portion pushes out of it via a tear in the exterior (toughest) portion. The resultant weakness and pain make it essential to take best slip disc treatment in Gurgaon.

Here You Will Get The Best Slip Disc Treatment In Gurgaon!

Dr. Arun Bhanot is a slip disc specialist in Gurgaon. He has given his treatment to countless patients so far and offered lasting relief. He checks out the muscle strength, vibrations & ability to feel the touch, reflexes, walking ability properly and after knowing the exact reason, he gives the best slip disc treatment in Gurgaon. You can reach his clinic and share your problem with the best treatment.

What Are Its Symptoms?

Though slip disc issues occur mostly in the lower back, it can also occur in the neck. The common symptoms one can feel are:

  • Tingling or Numbness

It’s quite often that people suffering from a slip disc issue, experience tingling in those parts where affected nerves exist.

  • Leg or arm pain

The lower affected area usually causes severe pain in the legs, buttocks, calf, thighs, arms. Even in the feet, neck, and shoulder, the whole body gets affected and pain is so severe that the patient can’t handle it without consulting a doctor. Even while coughing, they feel the pain.

  • Weakness

The whole body gets weakened because of nerves’ weakness which ultimately affects the energy of the body to hold things with the required power.

The medical history is checked along with the physical examination so that the right and the best slip disc treatment in Gurgaon can be imparted. Plus, X-rays, CT Scan, MRI, Myelogram is also recommended if the need arises.

While endowing the best slip disc treatment in Gurgaon, Dr. ArunBhanot recommends some medicines that are essential to carry on the treatment. Surgery is not necessary. You can know further process after reaching Dr. Arun and get the final relief.


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