Neck Pain

Neck pain is a common occurence these days what with the overuse of smart phone and other gadgets in our day to day life.  it is not exclusive to urban elite but even rural population is facing this issue more often than ever before. Most of us experience a sore neck or shoulder Pain either early morning after getting up from sleep or by the end of a busy day. Mostly these neck pains are due to a sore shoulder or trapezius muscle, but some of the neck pains can arise due to cervical spondylosis. As these pains occur due to repetitive stress of day to day activities, they are sometimes loosely called as “Repetitive Stress Injury or RSI”. In cervical spondylosis, the disc between two adjacent vertebrae in the neck degenerates and bulges out to touch the nerves of the arm. In other cases, the joints of cervical vertebrae can develop arthritis and lead to pain and stiffness.

If the neck pain persists even after weeks and begin to show worsening, neck pain doctor must be consulted without any delay.

Neck pain is mostly treated keeping in mind the cause behind the pain. In most cases, conservative treatment for neck pain is sufficient. Exercise, workout and physiotherapy for neck pain are some of the methods that are used in treating the pain of neck.

Drugs and medications are also prescribed occasionally to the patients to relax the muscles and lessen the pain.

Surgery is not required for neck pain unless it occurs as result of cancer or some major injury or slip disc disease.

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