Spinal Fracture 

A break in the continuity of spinal bones is called spinal fracture. Spinal fracture can be of various types like: Burst fracture, compression fracture, stable fracture, unstable fracture, fracture-dislocation, minor and major fracture, etc.

The treatment rests largely on the kind of fracture and its location. Bracing (use of external belts and collars) is used to treat minor fractures whereas complex fractures are treated with surgery. Unstable fractures are also treated with the surgery. Analgesics and bed rest is recommended for controlling pain along with restriction of physical work. Minimally Invasive Spine Surgeries like vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty (Bone cementing) are also done to treat compression fractures, where the surgeon is able to fix the broken bone by injecting medical grade bone cement into the bone to strengthen it and enable it to bear the weight of the spinal column. Spinal Instrumentation and Fusion surgery is also done to fix certain types of unstable spine fractures where screws and rods are inserted in the spinal bones to hold them together and allow a stable weight transmission through the vertebral column and heal the fractured bone.

Spinal rehabilitation is very important once the treatment for fracture is done. It helps in reducing pain, regaining the normal mobility and allowing the patient to live a way of life that helps in prevention of any further damage or deterioration.

Motor vehicle accidents, falls from height, violence leading to direct injury to spine are some of the causes of spinal fractures.
Minor trauma and trivial falls can also cause spinal fracture in the elderly and osteoporotic patients. 

  • Pain in back
  • Deformity (spine is deformed and abnormal in appearance – hunch back or bent sideways)
  • Pain in arms and legs
  • Pain worsens with movements like turning in bed, getting up from sitting, standing and walking
  • Numbness and weakness experienced in arms and legs
  • Bladder related problems
  • Paralysis (when the fractured bone puts pressure on spinal cord)

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