Spinal Rehabilitation 

Spinal Rehabilitation means to rehabilitate a spinal column that has malfunctioned due to a degenrative disease or acute injury.
It is the most important part of treating any spine disorder and needs to be given prime importance in recovering from spinal ailments.
Whatever type of treatment one undergoes for recovering from a spinal disease, Spinal Rehabilitation is an essential component of all types of treatment methods. Whether a patient undergoes conservative medical treatment for slip disc or stenosis or spinal injury, or a surgery is performed to treat a serious spinal problem, all such patients can regain their full functional capacity only after undergoing a spinal rehabilitation program.
Spinal Rehabilitation not only helps to recover from a spinal disease, but it also helps in preventing recurrence of such problems and allows the patient to live a near normal life after suffering from catastrophic spinal injuries.
Spinal rehabilitation consists of enabling a person to improve his/her muscle strength that supports the spinal column, stretching to improve the range of motion, corrects their body posture in day to day life (Ergonomics) to prevent any work related injuries etc.

Stretching, manual therapy, pilates and exercises for improving posture, exercises for enhancing flexibility, strengthening of lumbar core along with physical therapy are recommended by the doctor in spinal rehabilitation program. Also, spinal injections and medications are given by the doctor to help go through the process of rehabilitation in some cases. Education is given as well to the patients concerning spine and the pain related to it. 

Core muscles are the muscles that connect your upper body to the legs. they consist of major superficial as well as deep muscles of the back (multifidus, erector spinae etc.), superficial and deep muscles of the abdomen (transversus abdominis, rectus abdominis, psoas etc.) and sides (obliques etc.). in most of the spinal problems, the weight bearing column of the spine develops some wear and tear, leading to abnormal loading thus causing bad posture and pain/discomfort.
But the bad effects of spinal disorders can be fairly overcome by focussing on strengthening the core group of muscles by a good rehabilitation advice. 

We offer some of the best rehabilitation treatment advice by accurately diagnosing a spine problem and then guiding the patient to best rehabilitation experts for spine disorders.