Spine Surgery Cost

Spine, also called spinal column or vertebral column, is the one of the most important parts of our body that supports the weight of the trunk and provides stabilization to the chest wall and ribs so that the important organs like heart and lungs can be protected safely within the chest cavity.  Any damage or trauma to the spine can lead to serious problems for proper functioning of the human body. As the spinal column contains and protects the all important “spinal cord” the large nerve that controls the rest of the body below the brain, an injury to spinal column can endanger the spinal cord and put our movements at risk. The spinal column can get injured in one sudden severe traumatic event or it can sustain a major injury due to the cumulative effect of long standing, repeptetive trauma subjected to it by our routine daily life activities. Most of the chronic injuries and some of the mild acute spinal column injuries treatment without surgery, is usually recommended, which is the conservative care using medicines, periods of rest and then rehabilitation exercises etc.
Surgery is recommended for severe and serious cases that do not heal or are unlikely to heal by conservative care. Some of the spine patients are recommended surgery so that they can be saved from possible serious side effects of spinal disease, if left untreated. Many of the spine patients who need surgery are not only apprehensive about the safety and outcomes of spine surgery but they also worry about the spine surgery cost.
Spine surgery cost these days is becoming less expensive as compared to the past. The reason for this change is that many well trained and experienced spine surgeons are chosing to avoid putting in spinal implants wherever they can avoid it. Removing the use of spinal metallic implants is helping to reduce the spine surgery costs in a significant way. However, some of the newer non implant technologies are also equipment intensive and they may add a little bit extra cost to the conventional spine surgery. This happens due to use of new technological solutions like high definition cameras and endoscopes, intraoperative high end x-rays and use of nerve monitoring equipments etc. These technological gadgets add a lot of safety and better outcomes to spine surgery and have helped change the public perception about the safety of spine surgeries.

Initially, physical therapy, medications, exercise program, drugs and painkillers are recommended to the patients. When the patients do not respond to the non-surgical treatments, one has to look for better alternatives.
When the quality of life is significantly affected by the pain and disability due to spinal disease,  and all the non operative methods and treatments fail to produce results, spine surgery becomes a necessity. In order to restore function and improve muscle strength, spinal surgeries are done by the spine surgeon.

Reach the clinic to know the spine surgery cost

The most common spine conditions needing surgical care of spine are lumbar disc herniation (slip disc surgery), lumbar degenerative disc disease (endoscopic spine surgery), low back strains and sprains (spinal injection therapies), compression fractures and traumatic spine fracture/dislocations (spinal stabilization and instrumetation), lumbar stenosis (endoscopic and microdecompressions), osteoporosis (medical and surgical treatment), degenerative spondylolisthesis (decompression + fixation), cervical myelopathy (laminoplasty, laminectomy etc.), cervical stenosis, cervical disc herniation (endoscopic discectomy, microdecompression), etc.

The cost of the surgery at AUM Clinics, Dwarka and Columbia Asia Hospital, Gurugram, is relatively lower as compared to many other centres. As Dr Arun Bhanot is one of the pioneer minimally invasive and endoscopic spine surgeon in the country, he prefers to treat most of the spine patients using the safest and modern endoscopic/microscopic surgical treatments. The use of spinal implants is kept to minimum, thus helping the patients and their family save valuable financial assets. The surgeries done at the clinic, be it endoscopic discectomy, microlaminectomy, microdiscectomy, spinal fusion, etc., are quite cost-effective. Sometimes, the initial surgical cost due to use of high end endoscopes may appear higher, but the ultimate benefit it provides to the patients in terms of early return to active life, early return of spine patients to their work thus enabling them to earn theri livelihood back, can offset that cost implications.

Minimlly invasive and endoscopic spine surgeries are done through tiny holes in the back that are as small as 8 mm. The benefit is translated in terms of quick return to active walking, hardly any period of bed rest (no more than a day) and early return to normal life. The pain and suffering of conventional open surgeries is thus largely avoided. The need for long periods of medication after the surgery is also cut down, again lowering the total cost of treatment.

Reach the best doctor for spine surgery, Dr. Arun Bhanot, in Dwarka at AUM Clinics and in Gurugram at Columbia Asia Hospital.

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