Spine Surgery 

Spine surgery these days does not carry the hype and fear that it used to generate in the earlier times. Some people and non-specialist doctors still nurture this false belief that spine surgery is very risky and has a high rate of paralysis. But this is far from truth and a proper spine surgery done under the hands of a well trained and experienced spine surgeon, can give more than 90% chance of success with less than 1% risk of paralysis or serious life threatening complication. Spine surgeries are recommended for patients of back pain, slip disc and cervical who fail to improve with medical and rehabilitation measures. Such patients become candidates for spine surgery. Spine surgery can vary from a keyhole endoscopic spine surgery to microscopic spine surgery, minimally invasive spine surgery and reach up to spinal instrumentation and fusion surgeries to stabilize and decompress the diseased spine or correct spinal deformity.

In decompression surgeries, the best doctors for spine surgery would focus only on removing the part of the disc that pinches on the patient’s nerve and preserve the rest of the normal disc. In the spinal fusion surgery, the spine surgeon will put screws into the adjacent vertebrae of the spine, remove the bone and disc that presses upon the nerves and then stabilize the spine by joining the screws with metal rods. ?? is spinal fusion which fuses two or more vertebrae.
Minimal invasive spine surgeries are done with small cuts given in the back that reduce injury to other normal structures like muscles and ligaments, thus preserving their function. This ensures faster recovery and early return to work or daily life activities for the patients.
Endoscopic and keyhole surgeries are done under local anesthesia (where only the operated area is made numb by an injection) with the patient remaining awake during the surgery. This further adds up towards safety of the nerves of the patient and they can also be discharged earlier and resume their normal life.
Artificial Disc Replacement can also be considered in some young patients where the damaged disc is completely removed and replaced with an artificial device that helps to preserve the normal motion of the spinal segment.

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