Stitchless Spine Surgery 

Gone are the days when people dreaded spine surgeries. Patients, today, no more have to deal with complications and the trouble of stitches that comes with it. Stitchless spine surgery is all the rage now and is much better than the surgery done along with stitches. The surgeries have become advanced these days, and if done under the guidance and experience of a well-qualified surgeon, it yields great, positive results.

There are different kinds of spinal surgeries ranging from keyhole endoscopic spine surgery to minimally invasive spine surgery to spinal instrumentation and fusion surgeries. In order to correct the spinal deformities, these surgeries are done to treat patients. When medications and rehabilitation measures do not show any improvement and progress in the patients even after several months, spine surgeries are recommended by doctors for slip disc, cervical, back pain, etc. Some of the surgeries to treat spinal conditions are laminectomy, spinal fusion, discectomy, spinal disc replacement, etc.

Stitchless spine surgery for patients with spinal conditions

Minimally invasive surgeries are done these days, and preferred by the patients as well. These surgeries are the surgeries in which small incisions are done unlike open surgeries. Stitchless spine surgery is done with this procedure by Dr. Arun Bhanot at both AUM Clinics, Dwarka, and Columbia Asia Hospital, Gurugram. No big incision is done by the doctor in this kind of surgery as it only targets the conditions within the spine. Anesthesia is given before the surgery in order to numb the patient so that he or she doesn’t feel any pain during the surgery. Conditions like disc herniation, fractures, degenerative disc disease, fractures, infection, tumors, instability, etc are treated with this surgery.

Several other advantages of this surgery also makes it the most preferred surgery. In traditional open surgeries, people have to follow a complete guideline which strictly specifies hospitalization and the recovery takes a very long time. On the other hand, in this kind of surgery, patient recuperates quickly, minimal loss of blood, and minimal pain and scarring.

Patients suffering from back pain and sciatica can also be treated with spinal surgeries that include no stitches. PELD (percutaneous endoscopic lumbar discectomy) is a small procedure which does not involve stitches and causes no pain or muscle cutting during the surgery. This procedure, done under a local anesthesia, is used to treat herniated disc, low back pain, sciatica and slipped disc.

Stitchless spine surgery