Best Spinal Fractures Specialist Doctor In Delhi

Spinal fracture is a term we get to hear every now and then. We have all heard it in our daily life as there are many around us who bear the brunt of accidents and mishappenings. The fracture which affects the vertebrae of the backbone or spine is called a spinal fracture. These kind of fractures are caused by high velocity accidents like car or sports accident, fall from height, direct acts of violence, etc. There is severe pain in the back which increases and aggravates with movements, walking, lifting weights, standing, etc. Ligament and muscle strains are usually a part of the spinal fracture complex. The spinal fractures are different from a broken arm or leg because broken arms and legs can be immobilised in a plaster frame but spine is difficult to immobilise in plaster. Spinal Fractures Specialist Doctor provides treatment as per the symptoms shown by the patients. In addition, spinal fracture has a high chance of causing damage to the spinal cord or one or more spinal nerves thus impairing the functioning of one or more limbs that are controlled by spinal cord.

Best spinal fractures specialist doctor in Delhi for your rescue

Spinal fractures causes various symptoms in people like muscle spasm, shooting pain, numbness and tingling sensation, changes in bowel and bladder, pain in neck, paralysis, weakness, etc. Initially medical treatment is given to the spinal fracture patients by the spinal fractures specialist doctor. The location and kind of fracture a person has determines the nature and type of treatment. In cases which are severe and cannot be corrected and treated with other treatments, surgical procedure is used for the patients.
Dr Arun Bhanot is one of the best spine fracture specialist doctor in Delhi. who works at Aum Clinics, Dwarka and Columbia Asia Hospital, Gurugram. He also performs surgery like vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty to treat spinal fractures with minimally invasive spine surgery methods. Minimally invasive surgeries are preferred by the patients these days as there is hardly any pain and they can recover quickly from major spinal fractures. Spinal Instrumentation and fusion, is also done for treating certain fractures that are unstable or affecting multiple levels of spine. The injured vertebrae are joined together with titanium screws and rods and also fused using bone graft around the injured bones. External Bracing is also done to maintain the alignment of spine and to alleviate the pain.

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