Screen Out- Spine Surgery Is Necessary Or Not?

Treatment of slip disc without surgery

Treatment of slip disc without surgery

Suffering from backache? You are surely not alone. Slip disc is always jeopardizing and people get threatened from it and its treatment. You might have thought of a surgical way to get relief, but surprisingly treatment of slip disc without surgery is also possible. You assuredly need to know whether you actually require surgery or not to get relief from back pain. Get the details here:

Get A Firm Access To Treatment Of Slip Disc Without Surgery By Reaching Us!

Dr. Arun Bhanot is the best doctor for spine treatment beyond any doubt. According to Dr. Arun Bhanot, surgery is not the solitary option for slip disc treatment. You can get treatment of slip disc without surgery even. The conditions differ from person to person which literally enunciate that they want it or not. Before going ahead, know about slip disc beforehand.

What Is Slip Disc?

In the back, the spine formed by bones (vertebrae) is cushioned by small discs. These are flat and round shaped circumference with a tough layer having a nucleus, a jellylike material. A slipped disc is the disc nucleus fragment that is pushed into the spinal canal, out of annulus via a rupture or tear. It causes intolerable pain and uneasiness making the normal life a big burden.

Spine Surgery Necessary Or Not?

Most of the back pain can be cured with regular exercise and medications. So, in these cases, treatment of slip disc without surgery is also possible. However, if the problem has crossed its boundary and can’t get cured with the normal ways then surgery becomes necessary. Here are the cases when you surely need a surgical treatment:

  • Slipped disk is not getting cured in any possible way.
  • Stenosis or alike degenerative spinal condition causing several side effects to the body
  • Trouble in walking.
  • Weakened legs and arms
  • Bone spurs pressurizing the spinal cord
  • Spinal infection
  • Lost bowel control

In many similar cases, surgery becomes imperative. Spine surgery cost is not much. Sometimes people get worried about the treatment expenses, but you don’t need to worry about it after reaching us. We offer you the treatment in the least possible cost.

In any of the case, reaching the specialist doctor is a prerequisite. So, contact Dr. Arun Bhanot to get treatment of slip disc without surgery.

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